Photography by Lindsay Robertson
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Buachaille Etive Mor Moon - Scotland

Buachaille Èite Mòr, The sentinel of Glen Coe soars proudly from the peaty moor. As seen from the A82 road when travelling towards Glen Coe, makes it one of the most recognisable mountains in Scotland. Buachaille Etive Mor, a pyramid of rock and scree has steep turrets and buttresses beloved by rockclimbers. The mountain affectionately named as the Shepherd of Etive, is given its name from nearby Glen Etive. The inspiration to capture this image came from the location itself. Buachaille Etive Mor is one of Scotlands most unique and best loved mountains. I wanted to capture it in a way that displays it’s majestic dominance over the landscape and to portray it in a striking yet sympathetic way. I had waited a long time to capture this image as I find Winter and Spring the best time of year which yields the best quality of light which suits my style of images. There are various emotions one goes through when capturing an image. On this occasion I was overwhelmed by the early morning light, which when coupled with the winter morning air rendered an absolute clarity and sharpness not normally seen. The perfect light for black and white landscape photography.Having left home around 5am I arrived at the location not long after sunrise, I was there for around an hour. However when I arrived at the location I was aware of the very special light so it was a dignified panic to get the equipment set up. After quickly checking the camera and light levels I captured this single image. As the sun rose the clarity of light rapidly receded… the best moment fleetingly, had passed.
This image featured as a 8’ x 4’ mural print in my joint exhibition with Ansel Adams.

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