Photography by Lindsay Robertson
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Cuillin Mountains - Isle of Skye

Loch Slapin is a loch on the road to Elgol. Several Cuillin Mountains surround it including the famous Bla Bheinn (Mount Blaven) at the transition from Red to Black Cuillin. Considered to be the grandest mountains in all Britain. The skyline bristles with Munros in the shape of abrupt towers of rock, poised above precipitous cliffs and deep corries.
Inspiration comes when we least expect it. On this occasion I was heading to my planned destination of Elgol on the Isle of Skye. However, as I came over the moorland just before Elgol I was presented with the Cuillin mountains with the head of Loch Slapin in the foreground. Again, the light playing upon the stunning Mountains created interesting shapes and textures over the rugged terrain was to good to miss. I reconnoitred the beach line looking for an interesting foreground and noticed the rocks on the beach. Natural instincts come into play with experience and the image seemed to make itself. The composition fell easily into place. The light danced around the mountains, and eventually all the elements came together for that one moment for me to capture what has become one of my most popular images.
Being out in the wilds does create an emotional connection to the elements, and this image was no exception. It was again, a fleeting image but one I was confident in happening if I patiently waited for the elements to align. To be constantly aware of watching the light, the winds effect on the clouds and sky, and always hoping the image will ‘happen’… patience certainly inspires many emotions when concentrating.
A favourite image which conjures with the vastness, ruggedness and subtlety of nature. The wee house is the lynchpin of this image for the scale it gives the image.
This image featured as a 6’ x 4’ mural print in my joint exhibition with Ansel Adams.

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